Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Getting to Know Malcolm and Manning

Interview with Manning Marable

It's  always exciting to learn more about a topic you thought you knew well, as I am doing now with Malcolm X. I can't wait to discuss Manning Marable's perspective on Malcolm with all of you at our next meeting.

A couple of resources to help you out, or for those who want additional background on the book, or on Malcolm or on Dr. Marable's work.

Dr Marable researched and worked on the book through the Malcolm X Project at Columbia University in New York. The website is a treasure trove of primary sources, video interviews, photos, and government documents. Most of the sources cited in Marable's book are here.

For a completely different approach to Malcolm's life and work, try Malcolm X: A Research Site, edited by Abdul Alkalimat. Alkalimat is highly critical of Marable, (see his review) and writes from a decided Black Liberation perspective, but  the site does a wonderful job of pulling together essays and documents from a wide variety of historians,and political and religious figures across the spectrum, as well as recordings of Malcolm's speeches. You can even join in on the ongoing debate over the legitimacy of Marable's book.

I've pulled together a list of books either  in the EPL collection or else readily obtainable through local libraries, as well as some additional websites. Hope this is helpful, and I'll see all of you on Tuesday December 11th at 7 pm for our discussion!

Call or stop by the Library's 2nd floor desk if you still need a copy: 847-448-8620.