Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Dutch" by Teri Woods is a great read!

The Feb. 8 discussion of "Dutch" by Teri Woods was spirited, as the members of the book club shared their insights about Dutch, Angel, Fat Tony, Craze and the other characters that inhabited Ms. Woods gritty urban story. "The writing kept me involved and the ending was a complete surprise!" observed one reader. Others "...became attached to the people in the book, cared about them and wanted good things for them."
When asked to describe the book, one book club member said this: "The book was emotional and exhilarating. Dutch was like a street hero and people saw him as a strong leader." Despite the under-world trappings, violence and intrigue, most readers found "Dutch" a strong cautionary and morality tale with larger than life figures who possessed self-determination and relentless drive. Want to read more urban fiction? Try Street Fiction. Also, the Phat Fiction blog
Got a different take on this book? Share your comments on "Dutch" in the 'comments' space below.


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  2. *I received this note from one book club members commenting on the book, "Dutch" - it is posted here with her permission. (Susan)

    Feb. 9
    I spot-read "Dutch", especially reading the lst chapters, as I ususally do when reading a book.
    Susan, I did not like this book one iota. The language was enough to make me sick. So were the characters who spoke the language. So was the action.
    I found no redeeming feature about this book. I see it was on the New York TImes bestseller list, but I don't know why. I realize there are far too many Black people who live, think and behave like these characters, but I didn't grow up around them, nor do I know anyone like them. Nor do I care to. I'd rather read about people who have been converted to a helpful, positive way of thinking and feeling-people who are living fully and, well, not dying physically, mentally, and spiritually. That kind of reading is probably 'boring' to some, but certainly has more value than this profanity-filled "thrillah".

  3. Its only entertainment live a little bitch Dutch was fire