Thursday, November 10, 2011

New From Lorene Cary

Another great discussion Tuesday night! We were happy to welcome 2 new participants, who brought their own memories and impressions of the young Muhammad Ali to the conversation. Thanks brothers!

Next month, we'll be doing Isabelle Wilkerson's award winning The Warmth of Other Sons, so start registering to get your copy! We'll meet on December 13th at 7:00.

I've been digging around for new African American authors, and rediscovered an old favorite, Lorene Cary. Her 1992 memoir Black Ice brought home the painful challenges of her experience as a black teen  integrating a white, primarily male eastern prep school. She followed it up with Pride a novel expolring the friendships between four high achieving African American women.

Her latest, If Sons, Then Heirs , tells "a complex story of family, race, and the challenges of reconciling the present with a persistent past". Issues of property, attachment to land, and racist inheritance laws all play a role in this gripping family drama. Cary give us plenty to think about!

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