Sunday, November 15, 2015

Does a Home Make A Family?

A family home is more than just a building; it can represent the hopes, fears, and memories that make a family a family. In The Turner House, Angela Flournoy skillfully traces the web of love affairs, betrayals, accidents, crimes and disappointments that have molded the Turner family, the 13 children of Francis and Viola Turner of Detroit. Francis has died, and a bedridden Viola does not realize that the family home has lost much of its value. Each sibling deals with this crisis differently, and each must come to terms with a problematic family legacy.

In this video for Well Read Black Girl , Flournoy reminds us that everyone needs to forgive their parents at some point to become a full fledged adult. Please join us this coming Tuesday November 17th, (the day before the National Book Award ceremony!) at 7 pm at Evanston Public Library as we discuss this beautifully layered novel. Call 847-448-8620 or stop by the 2nd floor desk to get a copy.

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